Desired Outcomes:
  1. To become familiar with the common infections in children and provide tools to help distinguish between infections which require immediate intervention from those that do not.
  2. Describe the psychological impact of chronic illness on children of various developmental stages.
  3. Identify tools to support children with chronic illness as well as how to encourage self-sustaining behaviors in children that are non-compliant with their medical regime.
  4. Describe trends in insulin dependent diabetes management in the school setting including continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pumps, and current school orders.
  5. Increase knowledge of the most commonly available national, State, and local resources available to students in Oregon and Washington and how to access them.
  6. Describe the fundamentals of asthma care and the current recommendations for asthma management including which students should self-carry their rescue medications.
  7. Increase knowledge of the currently popular recreational drugs used in this region, their potential clinical effects in children and recommended interventions by the school nurse.

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